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Who is a dog lover? Charlotte is!!!

Who is a Dog Lover?  Charlotte Is!!!

Many of us are not just pet lovers, we are dog lovers!  And we love to take our dogs places to show them off!  People walk up to you, “Is he/she nice?” What kind of dog is that?” “Can I pet your dog?”  What a great conversation piece!  Metro Charlotte has plenty of  places you can take your dog and enjoy yourself too!

The Dog Bar is a dog park that also serves alcohol.  They do have some of the areas Astroturf (that they sanitize daily) & put out pools in the summertime to keep cool.  Lucky Dog Bark & Brew is an indoor/outdoor sports bar/dog park.  Outdoors is a paved area for your dogs to be free and off leash while you enjoy an ice cold beverage at the bar.  Star Dog Charlotte is just dog training and grooming, it’s also a public dog park!  There’s 10.000 square feet of training area and play arena that has a rubber floor.  You can also sign up for half and full day, dog day camps too!  To read on more areas where to take your sweet pup or pups, click HERE.

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