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What are Your Holiday Traditions?

Suggested Holiday Traditions to Start

The season is upon us….the smell of fresh baked cookies, stunning decorations, parties with family and friends, what a magical time of year!  Tradition- according to the dictionary, it’s the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.  While some families have the same tradition year after year, it’s never to late to start a new one!

  • Bake Cookies ~ this can be a whole family affair.  Especially if you have children.  Have them help you bake the cookies along with decorating them.  And let them eat their best one when you are done:)
  • Buy or Make a New Ornament ~ Again, the kids can be crafty and create their own special ornament.  If you choose to purchase one, make it special as well with something your recipients favorite things.
  • Give Back to the Community ~ Your family could volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen.  What a great way to to spread the spirit of the kitchen.
  • Have a Hot Cocoa and S’mores Night ~ Grab the marshmallows and whipped cream!  What a fun family night of getting cozy and grab your favorite holiday movie.
  • Donate Toys ~ Give to a child in need and put a smile on their face:)

What is your holiday tradition?

My family enjoys baking and decorating cookies together.  It’s fun to get messy with the ingredients, connecting with family members and of course eating dough and the finished product:)  So what is your family tradition?

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