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    Urban Scavenger Hunters in Uptown Charlotte | The Sarver Group

    Urban Scavenger Hunters in Uptown Charlotte | The Sarver Group

    As Uptown Charlotte continues to expand, more people feel the need to explore our beautiful city!   A new trend has started… the ‘Urban Scavenger Hunt’.  The concept is to challenge a group of friends to see who can solve clues and find iconic spots , businesses, statues and memorials around Uptown the fastest.  Here are the Top 5 Urban Scavenger Hunts in Charlotte:

    • #5~Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunter –  This is a massive scavenger hunt with over 130 city objects to locate, get points for, as well as trivia and guide challenges for even more points.
    • #4~3Quest Challenge – You will need a smart phone as 3Quest Challenge transforms a city into massive playing fields for timed scavenger hunters.  The game consists of “quests” to locate a trio of checkpoints, where teams answer riddles or completes tasks to collect a clue that will be used to solve a larger overall puzzle.
    • #3~Big City Hunt – Fifteen clues. Two hours. One city.  It starts with players clicking a launch code, head toward the starting line and work whatever clue they have in 2 hours.
    • #2~Puzzling Adventures – All players will need a mobile device with internet and be prepared for excursions that combines fun of scavenger hunts with the information of self-guided tours and the competition of The Amazing Race.
    • #1~Crazy Dash Digital Adventures – This transforms familiar city streets into playgrounds, also known as, ‘Digital Adventure Games’.  The players use their smart phones, follow a pre-determined course along Ave.’s & Blvd.’s.  There are 10 more check points by answering challenging questions or take selfie’s.

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