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UNC Charlotte Officially Changed Its Name To Just ‘Charlotte’

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, aka UNC Charlotte, aka UNCC, aka University of Charlotte is once again changing names to perhaps their simplest yet. From hence forth, the school previously known as UNC Charlotte will now go by just ‘Charlotte’ (informally).

The school will be changing the “informal” name on both printed and digital materials. They’ve already officially changed their website URL from to, and they will be changing all school email addresses to reflect the new name and url by late 2022.

The school now has the following guide on it’s new website for what to call the school in a variety of circumstances:

Formal Usage

When referencing the University in publications, articles, media releases, official university communications:

In first reference, use UNC Charlotte or The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In subsequent reference, use the University, or continue using UNC Charlotte. The most formal purposes, such as diplomas, should use The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Informal Usage

When referencing the University in conversation or quoted text within a written article, social media, on promotional materials or when referring to Athletics:

Use Charlotte to reference the University.


  • UNCC
  • UNC-C
  • UNC-Charlotte
  • University of NC at Charlotte
  • University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • University of Charlotte
  • Charlotte University

According to a press release from the school, they have “adopted the All-in-C logo for a cohesive identity across our University. Additionally, the new wordmark connected to the logo brings Charlotte to the forefront, and the UNC initials have been removed”. While the school is dropping the “UNC” from its branded name, it will still remain a part of the state’s UNC school system.

“We’ve grown. And so has our city. As we shape what’s next, we’re bringing Charlotte to the forefront,” the school said. “This is a first step of a larger rebranding effort that will continue throughout the fall as we share the pride of Charlotte with the world — a strong and dynamic University, boldly charging into the future, much like the city we are part of.”


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