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Tips to Keep Pets Warm During the Colder Months

Great Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe and Warm

We all love our pets like family♥  We owe it to them to keep them safe and warm during the winter months.  Here are some great tips from the Humane Society:

  • Have your pets indoors if at all possible.  Never leave your pet outside longer than a few hours
  • Give them more food and fresh water.  Staying warm takes up a lot of energy.
  • Dress them warmly especially if their short haired or hairless.
  • Fix them a comfy, fluffy bed.  They want to be cozy just as we do.
  • Never, ever leave them in a car.  It can become like a refrigerator & they can get sick or freeze to death.
  • Stay away from trimming/clipping.  They need their coat to keep warm.
  • Don’t let your dog off the leash.  Please make sure they have their ID Tag and/or a microchip.  They can lose their scent if the ground is snow covered.
  • Take precaution when starting your car if you park it in your driveway.  Cats love to sleep under hoods, tops of tires, to keep warm.


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