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Things To Do In Davidson, NC

With Wide, brick sidewalks and plenty of beautiful repurposed storefronts, Davidson is one of the most lovely little towns North Carolina has to offer. With Davidson College being a major focal point of the town, it attracts many visitors from all around the country. In this article, we’ll give you the top things to do in Davidson that will leave you fulfilled and wanting more.

Of course, the first thing that has to be discussed is the food situation, and when talking about downtown Davidson, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from. Whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner, Davidson has something for you. For breakfast, The Famous Toastery is a local favorite, offering new takes on Eggs Benedict as well as many other breakfast and lunch comfort foods that will make you think of home. A local favorite, Kindred Restaurant, has people coming over from all places to enjoy the unique food combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Along with their original takes on Squid Ink Pasta or Blue Crab Gnocchi, you can also enjoy some specialty cocktails that pair perfectly with an entree you order, and don’t forget to try the milk bread as most people will say. There are many of places much like Kindred, that are perfect places to dine. The Flatiron Kitchen & Taphouse is another popular spot (click HERE to learn more about their restaurant), offering many surf & turf options fit to make anyone in your party happy.

Whether you’re looking for something different or looking for food like mom used to make, Davidson has everything you need to get everything you want.

If what your wanting is a place to walk around and enjoy the fresh air, try taking a stroll through the campus of Davidson College. The college is full of historic architecture and beautiful landscaping. There are also many amazing sculptures around the campus that attract the eye and have you longing for more. Make sure to keep your phone handy, because at the base of every sculpture is a QR code that you can scan that will tell you about the artist and what inspired them to make the sculpture that you are looking at.

Overall, you can never go wrong with taking a walk and just enjoying the beauty that is Davidson College.

Maybe you are interested in supporting small business owners and local artisans. If so, Main Street Davidson is perfect for you! Multiple boutiques carry items that are great for everyone, whether you’re looking for outdoor gear, personal accessories, or just some new home decor, they have it all.

Go check out what Main Street Davidson has to offer because who knows, you may leave with something that you’ve always wanted.

If getting outside is something that you enjoy, why not swing by the historic Latta Plantation. Dating back to the 1800s, Latta Plantation is the last Catawba River Plantation that is open to the public. The home, smokehouse, and eleven other buildings on the property are all on the National Register of Historic Sites. Throughout the year, Latta Plantation host many events such as battle re-enactments, educational programs, camps, and workshops. The grounds have a self-guided tour that gives visitors a glimpse into 19th-century life in the Foothills of North Carolina.

Whether you want to eat, shop, stroll the outdoors, or visit local historic sites, Davidson has it all. Plan your next trip today and don’t miss out on all the fun that this little North Carolina town has to offer!

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