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Spring is in the Air, Landscaping is on the Mind!

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get outside to spruce up those yards!  Especially if you plan to list your home…with The Sarver Group naturally!  There are some common tips that we can share to enhance your outdoor space.

Making your yard beautiful

If you have overgrown trees, bushes, etc. just cut them down or back.  When leaves and debris cover your sidewalk, front door area to, it’s quite unsightly.  You can also paint your front door to make it pop and make a statement!  Be careful with those lawn ornamentation’s.  Overuse can be overkill!  Not to mention it can take away from the natural beauty of your yard!  Be sure you read the tag when planting.  Improper planting in improper locations, will cause your plants and flowers not to flourish.  When cutting your grass, cut a varying lengths throughout the season.  Scalping your grass can cause bare spots and/or disease.  Knowing when to prune is especially important.  Do your research on the plant before doing so.  Proper watering is crucial.  MOST lawns only need to about an inch of water per week.  If you have an irrigation system, make sure you set a time limit on your zones.  You always want to make a plan when landscaping.  This is beneficial to your wallet and for the look you are going for!  Go ahead, sketch it out, it doesn’t have to be done professionally (although you can go that route if you wish), but doing it will help you see it laid out in a way that makes sense for you and your family.  Happy Landscaping!

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