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    Simple Party Ideas for 4th of July

    4th of July

    We all love to celebrate America’s birthday. What a great way to celebrate by hosting a simple 4th of July party for your family and friends! You don’t have to be Mr. or Miss Patriotic to throw a good party. Here are some simple party ideas:
    • Start making your guest list early. 4th of July is a popular time for summer vacations, so you want to make sure you have an accurate head count.
    • When serving food, no need to stress. A grill is PERFECT for hamburgers, hotdogs or chicken. You can easily throw on a bunch of meat at once. Pick easy sides like chips, french fries, tossed salad, or whip up your favorite side dishes. You want to be able to enjoy your own party without spending all day cooking!!!!
    • Use your Patriotic flare for drinks and dessert! Beautiful 4th of July Wine Sparklers is a great way for your guests to stay refreshed. Simply mix a bottle of dry white wine with a Lemon Lime Soda (fix to taste) & garnish with star shaped watermelon and blueberries. For dessert, try making 4th of July Skewers, alternate Strawberry, blueberries and a large marshmallow. Or instead, decorate any dessert with red, white & blue M & M’s and/or sprinkles
    • Patriotic Decor: grab 3 mason jars or small vases and buy (or pick!) white daisies. Fill all the jars/vases with water, put a few drops of red food coloring in one, blue food coloring in another and the last one leave clear. Place your flowers in there for a simple, yet fun centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to use red, white & blue spray paint in your yard for star designs and shapes!
    • Games: Patriotic Scavenger Hunt, Water Balloon Toss, American Flag Hunt, Bingo, Bean Bag Toss
    Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July!!!!!!

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