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Ready for a High Speed Rail???

High Speed Rail Possibility for Charlotte

How would you like to go to Atlanta and back to Charlotte in one day without the headache of all the traffic?  Well, the possibility is upon us!!!  Yes, Charlotte, another transit service, but this is record fast.  For the commuters (and shoppers too!), Sir Richard Branson is considering a high speed rail from Charlotte to Atlanta.  The trains speed could reach 125 mph with reasonable low fares.  This means you could get to Atlanta in UNDER 2 hours!!!!  Brightline is collaborating with Virgin to make this possibility happen.  Florida has already seen success and plans to add 2 more additional lines.  They also plan on the high speed rail in:  Houston to Dallas, Chicago to St. Louis, LA to San Diego, Portland to Vancouver, San Antonio to Dallas, Houston to Austin and DC to Boston.  For those who travel to Atlanta frequently for business, this could be an absolute game changer!  To read more, click HERE.

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