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Hwy 73 Widening and I-77 Interchange proposals

Change is Coming

Are you tired of sitting in the dreaded Hwy. 73, day in and day out, traffic?  Us too!  We couldn’t be happier to see the proposals to widen the road and change the Hwy 73/I-77 interchange.  It’s been along time coming.  Although with construction comes headaches, but the end result will be relief and LESS STRESS.  The widening is supposed to start at Hwy 73 and NC 16 and go all the way into Cabarrus County.  There is a public information session that will be in October sometime.  The construction is not supposed to start until 2020, but this definitely give us hope.  Hope for less accidents, hope for smoother commuting and hope for a more peaceful driving experience!  Click HERE to read more.


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