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Hurricane Florence Donations and Tips!

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence was a devastating storm that slammed in North and South Carolina.  Even though it had been downgraded to a Category 1, it left a path of destruction for our family, friends and neighbors, in some of our favorite cities.  Being a UNCW graduate and getting married in Wilmington, it hurts my heart to see places like Wilmington destroyed.  Our continued prayers  go out to the victims as they slowly recover.  For anyone looking to donate, here are some tips and places to make your donations:

  • First of all, cash is king!  You can donate food, water, etc., but check to make sure transportation is going to the affected areas.  Gift cards are ALWAYS welcome!
  • If areas/roads are closed off, please do not venture out.  Let the First Responders do their job and you yourself would not want to be rescued.
  • Be smart when donating.  Be wary of phone and door to door solicitors.  Please do not send money via text or Venmo without first verifying the organization.
  • Research the credentials of the charitable organizations BEFORE you make a donation.  The Charity Navigator displays all the reputable charities in the area(s).
  • Pay attention to the rules of the charity.  Some rules may have been tweaked for more charitable giving.

A few of the organizations accepting donations are The American Red Cross, Diaper Bank of NC and The Salvation Army.  Click HERE to read the full article and a full list of charities with their web addresses.  Thank you all that volunteer and/or donate, our people need our help!  Every little bit helps♥

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