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Fall Lawn Care Tips | The Sarver Group

Fall Lawn Care Tips

It may not seem like a big deal to care of your lawn in the Fall, but it’s critical to groom your lawn in preparation for the Spring.   Falls cool temperatures and mositure help the grassroots develop much better than in the summer time, when they pretty much get fried:)  Taking great care of your lawn in Fall will definitely pay off for the next Spring and Summer.

  • Keep Mowing – Your grass is still growing in the Fall until the first frost.  Once you are done for the season, down’t forget to winterize your mower, sharpen blades, change the oil & spark plugs, cleaning the filter and inspecting mower for any damage.
  • Water When Needed –  In the Fall, the rain doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it does in the Summer.  Therefore, leaving plenty of moisture for the grass.  Your grass needs about 1 inch of water per week.
  • Rake Often – When leaves fall, they tend to block the sunlight and prevent plants from making food.  Also, the leaves hold the soggy moisture potentially causing your lawn to grow fungi.  Raking (instead of leaf blowing or vacuuming) is the best way to remove the leaves.
  • Aeration Needs to be Done – During the Summer, your lawn most likely got damaged by soil compaction or heat stress.  Both of these can cause your grass to thin and/or brown up.  Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from a yard in order to free up passageways for precious nutrients to reach the grassroots, nutrients they often struggle to bring in under compaction and stress.
  • Apply a Nitrogen-rich Fertilizer – Fertilizing in the Fall is best to have your lawn looking healthier.   This will give your lawn the nutrients it needs through the winter to make the grass grow stronger in the Spring
  • Seed in Bare or Burned Spots in the Yard – It’s always a great idea to seed those areas in the Fall in order for them to grow strong for the Spring.

You can always hire a lawn maintenance company to ensure all these steps are followed.  But it is certainly doable by yourself.  Happy Fall Y’all!

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