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    Create an Inviting Porch Swing | The Sarver Group

    Creating an Inviting Porch Swing | The Sarver Group

    With the warmer temperatures on the rise, what a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors than relaxing on your porch swing.  I mean, who doesn’t love a porch swing?  Daybed porch swings are today’s trend!!  Here are a few ways to design your perfect porch swing.  First and foremost, you will need to determine your style.  Do you like a beach design? Farmhouse? Contemporary?

    If you like the beach design, use ropes to hang your swing.  This can add texture to the space.  Along with bright and cheery colors, such as (but not limited to): corals, whites, mint or lime green, aqua blues, pastel yellows.

    What about a Farmhouse style porch swing?  Ropes still work well with this style to hang your swing.  Using colors such as (but not limited to): blacks, whites, grays are common.  Be sure to add a pops of color though, yellows, reds, greens, blues.

    For a contemporary porch swing, using woods and metals together tie in for the modern look.  Instead of ropes, use coated galvanized wire to hang your swing.  Using colors such as (but not limited to): different shades of grays, dark steel blues, whites, bring out the modern flare. 


    After your perfect porch swing is hung, create an inviting space for the entire porch.  Using rugs, greenery (ferns, tall plants, potted flowers) and accessories like lanterns can bring all the elements together.  Don’t forget to offer your guests something cold to drink!  Now go and relax on your perfect porch swing!

    Please note: ALWAYS be sure you have the structural support to hang your new beautiful porch swing

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