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    Create a Home that is Warm & Welcoming | The Sarver Group

    Create a Home that is Warm & Welcoming

    Want your house to be organized, like a model home???  Want people to come in and be in awe of your style and feel right at home?  You’ve come to the right place!!!  Below we share some tips on how to make your home, make your guests FEEL at home😊

    Step 1: Create a Warm Welcome – You want to make your house feel like “home” and this can be done by having your personal family photos scattered throughout the house. Remember, a house is just a house, but a home is where the family is.  You can easily create a wooden, horizontal sign placed outside your front door that says “Welcome”!  Add some colorful pottery pots with flowers to greet your guests as they come in.

    It’s always nice to have pleasant scents in the home when guests come to visit.  A fresh pot of coffee, “just out of the oven” cookies, etc.

    Step 2: Set the Scene – You obviously want to make your home comfortable so once guests are inside, they can get cozy. That means, adjusting the temperature to appeal to the weather. If it’s chilly out, crank up the heat to instantly warm everyone up as they step inside. If it’s nice out, open all the windows to allow the breeze to come in and if it’s hot, crank up that AC to help relieve them from the heat.

    You want your family and friends to truly relax and have fun in your home.  Depending on the people and type of gathering you are hosting, you can either play soft music or your favorite party mix of music in the background, light a few candles use white fairy lights for added ambiance.  If you have a screened in porch, deck or patio, get the string Edison lights.  The amber tint of the lights warms up the space while still providing enough light to actually see other people😊

    Step 3: Add a Personal Touch – Don’t be afraid to use your fancy dishes.  If you want to change up your eating style (without breaking the bank), Target and/or Home Goods has very colorful dishes, glassware, etc. to entertain with. Break out some of your favorite games to enjoy with your guests.  During these times, connecting with your family and friends is more important than ever.  Soak up every single minute.

    So remember these 3 things: Create a warm welcome, set the scene and add a personal touch when it comes to entertaining. These are sure to create a memorable and more personal experience for you and anyone who comes to visit!

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