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Clever, Inexpensive Ways to Get Organized

Wine Rack = Water Bottle Holder

If your water bottle collection is bigger than your wine bottle collection, put your wine rack to better use as an organizer for your reusable bottles and travel mugs. You’ll never dig through a cabinet looking for your favorite vessel again.

Baby Food Jars = Spice Storage

Free up kitchen cabinet space by storing your spices on the fridge in upcycled baby food jars. Just add magnets to the lids and labels to the bottoms of the jars so you know which spice is which.

Magazine File = Plastic Lid Organizer

Plastic food storage containers can easily take up an entire kitchen cabinet if you stack them with their lids on. Save space by storing the containers on a cabinet shelf and the lids in an old magazine file mounted on the cabinet door.

Loaf Pan = Baking Supply Holder

Small baking supplies like sprinkles, cupcake liners, food coloring bottles and piping tips can easily get lost in a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Corral these items in an old loaf pan — the next time you feel like baking, everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Mason Jars = Bathroom Organizer

Are unused Mason jars crowding your kitchen cabinets? Add farmhouse style and extra storage to your bathroom with a DIY wall organizer made from glass jars, hose clamps and scrap wood.

Pill Bottle = Key Hider

Upcycle an empty pill bottle into a clever key hider and never lock yourself out of the house again. Remove the label and glue a rock to the top of the lid using heavy-duty super glue. Once dry, drop a key into the bottle, replace the lid and bury until only the rock is visible.


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